Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dog House

I've been wanting to build a dog house for Daphne (my dog...obviously). I was originally thinking I would just find old fence boards and 2x4's that people have been throwing out since hurricane Ike, but today I was looking at mud ovens online and I thought, "why don't I make her a dog house that's a mix between a mud oven and a wigwam?". So that's what I'm doing now. I went out and got some saplings, cut them to the right lengths and sharpened the ends.Next I started making the main frame by sticking the saplings into the ground at an angle so that they wouldn't pop out, Bending them to meet each other and lashing them together.What I have so far is the main support sapplings creating the dome shape.What I plan on doing next is lacing the whole thing with smaller branches, leaving a doorway, and then spackling the whole thing with "survival cement".
As a side note, I used my Gerber Big Rock Camp Knife to cut the sapplings, de-branch them and sharpen the ends. Unlike my Benchmade, the Gerber is still sharp and intact. So far I'm still a Gerber fan.

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